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Welcome to L2L Promotions

L2L is a lesbian social group that works to connect women with women but also promotes LGBT+ events throughout the Greater Lansing area.
Building Community within Community for the Greater Lansing LGBT area

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Game Nights!

3rd Thursday of the month

Game night is LGBT inclusive and very chill.  Bring your favorite board game or cards and let's play some games (that don't involve breaking hearts ;)



IN this world of social media and the increasing accessibility, most of us are ever more lonely and isolated.

L2L is committed to bringing together women in a safe space that encourages self expression and diversity.

L2L is dedicated to the broader LGBT+ community in the Greater Lansing community.

It's a hard world out there.

We need each other & we want to support each other as we navigate hate and opposition to living our lives in love to ourselves and to each other.

L2L Women's Dances

Women's Dances are held every 2nd Saturday at Sir Pizza Grand Cafe, 201 E. Cesar Chavez Avenue, Lansing, MI 48906
Rotating Women DJ's
L2L works hard to make sure that every person is welcome and comfortable.  
We can't make that hard leap and make you show up.  
But if show up, we will love you up and welcome you arms & hearts wide open.

Big Concert
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Together we are Stronger

In a patriarchal world where we fight to maintain our space, prioritize sisterhood and we will be stronger!

Our commonalities bring us together but our diversity makes our community stronger. 

Honor yourself. 

Honor each other.

Together we can change the world.

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L2L Promotions is an established community building organization that has been building community since 2012.  Whether you’re new to the Lansing Lesbian community and/or Lansing LGBT+ community or already have a long history in the community, we at L2L Promotions always brings a passionate approach to every event we promote or produce.

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